3D Imaging

Dr. Farahi uses the latest in state of the art technology when it comes to 3D dental imaging. This assists our dental practitioners in providing exceptional care and quality.

Regarding any diagnostic imaging, our staff is fully trained and certified in producing accurate results for our patients. Our 3D Imaging machine is also quick and emits much less radiation. It provides our patients with real-life perspectives which allows them to understand their oral health.

Other Benefits of Using 3D Imaging

3D Imaging is also proven useful for the following:

  • Producing more accurate images
  • Assisting with dental implant placement
  • Helping dentists detect serious problems sooner
  • Accurately share information with other healthcare professionals and insurance agencies if needed

For more information on 3D Imaging, contact the office of Drs. Farahi and Etessam by calling (703) 821-1633.