Cosmetic Dentistry for McLean, VA

Cosmetic dentistry is the art and science of designing wonderful smiles. It involves all aspects of general dentistry with a special emphasis on individual teeth and their overall harmony and balance within your smile. At Smile McLean, we offer patients a wide range of cosmetic dentistry solutions to deliver the beautiful, healthy smile you deserve. If you want to learn more about our cosmetic dentistry options, contact our McLean dentistry practice to schedule a cosmetic dentistry consultation with us today.

Why Visit Dr. Farahi for Cosmetic Services

Smiling woman in dental chairDr. Farahi was voted “the best dentist” from 2003 through 2005 and by Health and Beauty Magazine from 2006 through 2008. He was selected by the Consumer Research Council of America as one of “America’s Top Dentists.” He takes pride in his cosmetic dentistry. If you live in McLean or surrounding communities and would like to have a cosmetic procedure done, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Dr. Farahi and our dedicated dentistry team to learn more. Below, you will find some basic information about our current cosmetic dentistry treatment options.




Man with attractive smileA straighter smile looks great and functions flawlessly, but many patients believe that time consuming services using traditional bracket and wire orthodontics are their only options. At Smile McLean, we’re proud to offer innovative, cosmetically superior orthodontic alignment, using the Invisalign system.

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Porcelain Veneers

Woman pointing to flawless smileIf you want to correct or conceal numerous cosmetic flaws, porcelain veneers treatment may be your best option. These cosmetic restorations are affixed to the front surfaces of teeth where they can completely transform flawed teeth into beautiful smiles. Placed in just two short dental office visits, porcelain veneers are a fast, effective, and conservative cosmetic dentistry solution.

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Teeth Whitening

Young man with healthy attractive smileA brighter smile may be the most frequently requested cosmetic treatment. Our team is happy to provide both In-office teeth whitening using Zoom! and professional take-home teeth whitening to deliver results as much as ten shades brighter. We customize your teeth whitening plan to deliver brilliant smiles, and we will include a plan to help you sustain your teeth whitening results.

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Direct Bonding

Direct bonding is a cosmetic dentistry option that can be completed in just one appointment. Utilizing the tooth-colored composite resin used for fillings, we can fill in chips or cracks, close gaps in smiles, and conceal deep-set staining. For patients who have just a few minor cosmetic flaws they want to correct, direct bonding may offer a same day, budget-friendly alternative to porcelain veneers.

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Metal-Free Restorations

Using porcelain dental crowns, we can fully repair dental damage, but these restorative solutions also repair the appearance of cosmetically flawed teeth. When teeth are chipped, cracked, stained, or misshapen, metal-free restorations offer a flawless treatment option to deliver beautiful smiles.

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