Diagnodent is a new way to find smaller areas of tooth decay. With its revolutionary technology, Diagnodent can target and treat all of the small problematic areas in the mouth. It can also detect caries and lesions that may not be otherwise recognized until later; usually when it has become severe. In this regard, patients can be told in advance so they can preserve and protect their teeth.

With Dr. Farahi’s implementation of Diagnodent, your teeth will receive a further and more in-depth evaluation. Its early detection of caries will reduce costs for patients and prolong your teeth’s lifespan.

There are usually several questions that follow the introduction of Diagnodent. Here are some:

Is it painful?

No. It is entirely painless. The energy level it has is comparable to that of a laser pointer.

How long has this technology been around?

While the device has been rampant in Europe, the FDA has recently approved of the cavity-detecting laser.

Where and how does tooth decay start?

Tooth decay usually starts in the pits and valleys of a tooth. Decay usually resides in the difficult-to-see surface.

If Diagnodent succeeds at finding pit and fissure cavities, are x-rays still needed?

Yes. X-ray imaging is still enforced at your dentistry as it is still a diagnostic tool for dentistry. Diagnodent compliments x-rays’ usage as x-rays are indispensable and are excellent at spotting cavities in between teeth.

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