A Pediatric Dentist in McLean Says Avoid These 4 Common Mistakes

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Little boy smiling.As a parent, your list of daily to-do’s is always long. Between meal prep, cleaning, taking your loved ones to school, and hopefully a little time to yourself, how can you keep up with your children’s oral health too? It’s easier than you think. Correcting some common mistakes parents make with their kid’s oral health can minimize time and money spent on issues like cavities. Read on to learn 4 mistakes parents make when caring for their child’s mouth from a pediatric dentist in McLean.

#1: Packing Sports Drinks and Juice

Soda is an obvious no-no for kids, but too often, parents hand their kids juice or sports drinks that are still filled with sugars and acids that eat away at protective tooth enamel. Water is a great alternative because most tap water is fluoridated. Fluoride is a natural cavity fighting mineral that can help your child’s pearly whites stay decay-free.

#2: Letting Them Snack All Day

If you give your kids juice and snacks, make sure they don’t have an unlimited access pass. Snacks should be limited to specific times of day to give their teeth a break from sugar and food debris. Saliva naturally washes away bacteria and acids, but it can’t do its job if the snacking never stops.

#3: Letting Your Kids Brush Alone

Your kids are far more likely to brush correctly with a parent in the room. You were a kid once and brushing your teeth at that age is probably one of the last things you’d want to do. It’s important to make sure your kids are brushing their teeth properly, so they can take their good oral health habits and use them for the rest of their lives.

Be sure that they are flossing too. Cavities tend to form in between teeth, so it’s important your kids use floss to clean out the plaque and food debris that collects in their smile. If they have trouble handling floss or don’t like using it, try pre-strung floss picks. These are really easy to use, even for kids that have issues handling floss.

#4: Not Seeing Your Pediatric Dentist Enough

With your busy schedule as a parent, it’s easy to forget about your child’s bi-annual visits to your family dentist in McLean. However, these routine visits are integral to the health of your child’s teeth, gums, and jaw. During these visits, your dentist will clean away hard-to-remove plaque, and it also provides the dentist an opportunity to catch issues before they become serious.

Now that you know some common mistakes parents make with their kid’s oral health, you can avoid them by using some of the above tips! The time is better than ever because it’s National Dental Hygiene Month! Helping your child take care of their teeth early on will set them up for oral health success in the future.

Meet the Dentist

Dr. Fred Farahi is a Northern Virginia native who loves providing quality care to his surrounding community. He can treat your whole family with your different dentistry needs, and he loves helping kid’s smiles as they continue to grow older. He currently practices at Smile McLean, and he can be contacted through his website or by phone at (703) 821-1633 for any questions.

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