TMJ Dentist Eliminates Jaw Pain

Even though people do their best to avoid problems with their teeth and gums, unfortunately problems do arise and create a need for specialized procedures that fix the problem, eliminate the pain, and allow the person to move on with their life. Three of the most common teeth problems that require special procedures include Temporomandibular Joint Disorder, root damage to a tooth, and damage to the surface of the tooth.

TMJ Procedure

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder requires a TMJ dentist in order to fix the problem. A TMJ dentist can fix the headaches, jaw pain, worn teeth and limited jaw movement associated with Temporomandibular Joint Disorder with a unique procedure. This procedure aims to find the most relaxed position of your jaw to determine the goal for normal jaw positioning. By realigning the bite and restoring the teeth, the jaw and the joints to their optimal position the pain that resulted from the imbalance disappears.

Common TMJ Problems

Another common problem is damage to the surface of one’s tooth. Dentists will work to fix this type of oral damage by using a thin layer of porcelain that gets placed over a tooth called a veneer. Veneers are a common solution that improves the aesthetics of teeth. A good dentist will be able to tell very quickly if a veneer is needed and they will also be able to complete the procedure quickly and safely.

A final problem that is common with teeth and requires repair, involves issues with the root of a tooth. A dental implant is needed for this type of problem. Dental implants are very common procedures and can be completed within a few hours. Regardless of the issue you are having with your teeth, solutions are available and dentist at Smile McLean are ready to help with only a moment’s notice.